Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Three

ESPN is onto me. I can feel it. Why else would they go so crazy with the featured comments yesterday? Mentions of specific plays, fantasy baseball advice, these are not the type of featured comments I have come to know and love. No matter, there will be a return to true form today, I can feel it. Also, thanks to some advice in the comments, I have a couple of new weapons at my disposal: The Sentence Fragment and The Misspelled Your/You're. These have now become part of my ever-growing arsenal.

Today is day three.

RE: Is Philly's win promise of a series or delay of inevitable

"Philadelphia showed a lot of heart out there, and won't be giving up soon"



Erik said...

You shouldn't have spelled out Philadelphia and put "Philly" instead. ESPN even said it in there headline. Good luck - I love this idea.

Erik said...

...and as soon as I posted that, I realized I said "there" instead of "their." Dammit.

Paterno Lives! said...

i'm glad i can help with the fragment thing, this is daily read material.

great job with the comma-fragment one-two punch.

Anonymous said...

if there is a pool on this i'll take july 16th

Katie said...

I have a good feeling about day three. it will be a winning quest!

Southern Sports Dude said...

maybe, as the ultimate mind-fuck, you could post each day's dumbest suggestion for how to make the featured comment as a featured suggestion on THIS site.

....and i have a feeling this one may win.

/walking back downstairs to basement