Thursday, May 29, 2008

Breaking News Update

I don't usually do this, but something has blown my mind. What, you ask, is this something? The current featured comment. I don't want to steal deadspin's thunder here, but this is what it currently reads: "Your dad and I knew you were a special athlete many years ago watching you at the batting cages." This pertains to an article about Florida going to the college world series, and is directed to a certain player on their team. Is this what it has come to? Does espn really think this guy knows what he is talking about? If he was that close to the kid's father, couldn't he have found a better way to deliver this message than through espn Conversation (beta)? And, most importantly, am I going to have to start pretending I know the people they are writing these stories about? I can already see tomorrow's attempt-"The Kobe Bryant I knew in high school wouldn't cheat on his wife twice" or "I should call Rip and see how is elbow is doing". Any formula I thought I had for this quest has clearly gone out the window. Is my sanity soon to follow? Only time will tell.

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