Monday, May 19, 2008

Day Six

Hmm, little bit of pressure today.

Today is Day 6

RE: Shooting Pains Doom Hornets in Game 7

"The Spurs dynasty shall live on...unless Kobe and the Lakers can step up!!"



camcam said...

wtf blogger? i posted this three hours ago, not yesterday

Todd The Love Juice said...

The Hornets showed heart, but the Spurs have the look of a dynasty.

"Both teams played hard." Rasheed Wallace


Anonymous said...

This is the best one yet! Your use of 'shall' is perhaps too complex for the espn comment of the day but man, such committed absolutism with a hint of specificism.

Paterno Lives! said...

very solid, great use of the ...

you know i've been reading the deadspin comment of the day post for ages now, but i never thought to find my own favorite quote. today work was a little slow and I found two gems:

RE: Matt Ryan's new contract

No Line and no receivers wow, thanks Falcons we the Saints fans love you!!

(that one is ok, this is my favorite:)

Can you say Ryan Leaf? Congrats Matt, sorry Atlanta

you see that, they don't quote "Ryan Leaf", but use the correct punc. and even cap "Congrats". That word really works well. They correctly keep the s in "sorry" small, but forget the period, which is really solid.

I think this might be the work of a professional.

Alex said...

This is definitely the best one yet. This should have been featured.