Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day Seven

Today is Day Seven.

RE: Why I'm Spurning the Spurs

"The Spurs need a big series from Parker to get past LA"



Grizzly said...

Have you seen the current comment? I'm really disappointed...

"They're going to need at least 12 wins to make the playoffs in that division." (speaking on the Browns)

How can they post one where the person correctly wrote "they're" instead of "there" or "their"???

It makes no sense!

camcam said...

Not to mention the fact that the featured comment on may 21st, during the NBA and NHL playoffs, was about the Cleveland Browns.

Wolverine419 said...

Further more, that comment is way off base.

The Bengals are imploding and the Ravens offense is still missing pieces as the D is aging. Neither will factor in at the end.

This race is between the Steelers and Browns. The Browns schedule is tough, the Steelers might have the most difficult schedule in NFL history.

I think 10 games wins the division. No wildcards in the North this year.

You got robbed today.