Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day Four: Weekend Hangover Edition

Last night was rough. I feel pretty worthless.

Today is Day Four.

RE: Donaghy bet on more than 100 games he worked

"I hope Donaghy receives a sentence which appropriately punishes him"



Grizzly said...

From having just checked the featured comment, I must admit I'm a little disappointed. This so could have been you...

"The Lakers executed in the first half and built up a lead that the Jazz couldn't overcome."

So insightful and analytical, yet so poetic and lacking of anything worthwhile!

camcam said...

yeah, when i saw that one today i thought it was totally in my wheelhouse.

Ryan said...

yeah, the "which" makes the comment seem way too literate and well constructed

Wolverine419 said...

Your pursuit of mediocrity in sports commentary is truly commendable.

I can't wait until you hit the milestone of having the perfect comment; devoid of analytical quality and generally considered worthless by anyone that knows anything about sports.

I find the uselessness of this situation to be fascinating.

The scary part is that you haven't already won. I can't believe people are stupid enough to post the past 3 eventual winners like they they contribute anything relevant to any sports conversation.

While your blog is great, I lose a bit of faith in humanity everyday that you don't win. Hopefully you win before its too late.