Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day Thirty-Seven

Today is Day Thirty-Seven

RE: Beasley takes Round 1 with fellow top draft pick Rose

"Get ready to see Beasley owning Rose all year"



Anonymous said...

I feel like you're not even trying anymore. There's got to be more to this then where you're taking it.

Anonymous said...

I think you should make longer comments. Most of the time when they do a featured comment they only post one sentence out of the comment. Perhaps a "two in one" will double your chances.

camcam said...

If I write too much I am told to dumb it down. Not enough and I'm not trying. I feel like Weintraub.

Anonymous said...

Just put more exclamation points. You could have just as easily said "Get Ready! To see Beasley owning Rose!! All year!!!" And pretty much every time i see a fan post it has more than one grouping of exclamation points, and in more than one place.