Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day Seventeen

Today is Day Seventeen
(Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the quest)

RE: Daily Dime: Winning selections take purple hue

"its time for kobe to prove he has alway been the man in la. Lakers in five1!!"


This guy's comment on the same article destroys me, however:

"All I can say is KG its Your Time KID!

Go Destroy them Lakers for there is no one on their Team that Can Stop The Big Ticket!!!!!


4-3 Celtics or 4-2 Cetics"

This gem was brought to us by Flyestgod.


Ryan said...

wow, its hard to compete against the absolute best in the field on a daily basis. like germans trying to hold the beach in WWII, you are simply and unfortunately being overwhelmed by an infinite amount of opponents.

camcam said...

Seriously-just look at the random capitalizations. That almost makes me laugh as hard as the comment itself.

Alex said...

I don't get people like that. It's like they know that some of those word thingies are supposed to be capibamized, but they didn't pay enough attention during remedial English to be able to recall exactly which ones. So they just say "Fuck it, I'll throw a bunch of capital letters against the wall and see what sticks." The whole mental retardation thing doesn't help matters.